Welcome to Arene Services!

All our services are without any brokerage charges.

Arene services is one of the leading multi speciality service provider having multiple services under one roof and umbrella. We provide multiferaious services including Buying , Selling and renting Real estate. We also provide online booking Hotel Banquent hall, farm house ,resort and other services (Food delivery,laundary services, tutors/tuition, coaching center) which are day to day requirements under one single brand name.

We are in education sector from past 20 years, and it was seen that people who come all the way from far places needed one single service. we realized that problem and started this single brand. It was a big challenge that without brokerage there were no proper services available for Sale/purchase , Renting,Pg, food etc. So keeping that in mind we started this platform so that every common man is benefitted. We started our operations in 2018, headquartered at Delhi. We provide the best amenities and support as we have a strong team of professionals.Our customer care is 24/7 and all services are provided at any time when required.